Our Company Background

Company Background / History

        The increasing rate of motorcycle use as a mode of transportation signals the growing market of motorist, riders, and other motorcycle enthusiasts. With passion and commitment, Motormate became enthusiastic and eager in offering quality products and services with utmost care and respect to the valued customers. As part of our commitment in offering the one-stop-shop concept, by which motorcycle spare parts, accessories and services are made available for the customers’ convenience, we aim to create a delightful environment with our valuable customers to maintain a positive long-term relationship

   Established on September 8, 1991, Motormate has gone beyond expectation as a single small retail store expanded and grown into over 20 branches situated in different strategic locations of Visayas and Mindanao. As the company continues to grow through continuous innovation and development, we aim to extend our reach further and be able to serve more customers. With dedication and perseverance, Motormate expanded to another line of businesses, thus the birth of MOTORMATE GROUP OF COMPANIES. We are driven with passion and a strong desire to serve the customers and give them the reason to make us their first choice.

    For the coming years, we aim to extend our reach and be able to serve more customers with delight that goes beyond the limit, not just in Visayas and Mindanao, but in the entire Philippines.


Uplifting employees’ lives and delivering Best customer experience with the end view of attaining corporate growth and profitability.


Providing great opportunities for personal growth to Motormate Group family by consistent training and development initiatives; We aim to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction through diversified products and services, continuous innovation and serving everyone with a HEART.


  • Commitment
  • Understanding
  • Patience
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • God – Loving Individuals